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After Forever
Inimical Chimera

" Inimical Chimera" by After Forever

In the imperium with emerald valleys
There where endlessness encircles you

A goddess lost her aureole
Created her own domain

This valley of doom where I’m the token
She’ll be throwing the dice this time

A goddess lost her aureole
Evil took over her godless soul
Swallowing you in the rivers of blood
Morbid games played with you, you token

Clouds are roaming around the pale moon
An inimical gloom covers the valleys
I’m the cephalic empress of this doomed celestial empire
Hear the orchestra of death

I wade in blood in search for my inevitable death
The dice are rolling now

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Pale Enchantress


Tristania - Pale Enchantress

Dark… thou embrace my bleeding heart
My dreams… uniting our tearful eyes… enchanting
At night… I kiss the serpent in thy tears
For years… thy sorrow I’ve mourned

Harken my moonchild’s cry
Yearning for another night
Mourning my once beloved
Mesmerized and ravendark

[Vibeke:] Come to me, with your serenity
My pale enchantress of the night
[Vibeke:] Nightfall died, in thy tears
At last my candle’s burning down
[Vibeke:] Burning leaves entranced in morning light
The wintermoon is shining bleak
[Vibeke:] Bleeding time, walk a line
For thee my enchantress

Enchanting all my dreams
A beauty and her flood of tears
Nightfall embrace my heart
Mesmerized and ravendark

[Vibeke:] All my tears have enshrined my moonlit sea
My pale enchantress of the night
[Vibeke:] Nightfall’s here, but to me
I desire thee

Fearful I walk with thee… through dusk… through winds of loss…
Her beauty and her flood… embrace… my bleeding heart…
Tearful I fall with thee… at last… lead me there…
To where thy shadow’s cast… they dance… in velvet darkness lost…

Rise… bleak winter fullmoon


[Vibeke:] In sleep desire for the light

In life… I kissed the serpent in thy tears
For years… thy sorrow I’ve mourned

[Vibeke:] Dance in the garden of delight

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