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In ancient times sound itself, the very basis of all music, was thought to be intimately related in some way to non-physical or sacred dimensions or planes of existence. Why was this? Because audible sound was considered to be but an earthly reflection of a vibratory activity taking place beyond the physical world. This vibration was more fundamental„ and nearer to the heart of the meaning of things, than any audible sound. Inaudible to the human ear, this Cosmic Vibration was the origin and basis of all the matter and energy in the universe.

In it’s purest and most indifferential form, it was known to the Hindus as OM. Yet, just as pure white light differentiates into the colours of the rainbow, so this Primal Vibration was believed to differentiate into a number of more greatly defined superphysical vibrations. These different frequencies or Cosmic Tones were thought to be present in varying combinations throughout the universe. Not only were they present within all substances and forms, in different vibratory combinations, but they were the substances and forms. According to the combination of Cosmic Tones present within any given area or space, so was the nature of the substance within that space determined.

And thus we find ourselves throwing light upon the widely-held belief that all matteris composed of one basic substance or energy. According to the great thinker of old, this energy was vibration. In modern times, the physical sciencesare now arricing back at this original point of departure. Once again, science is beginning to suspect that matter is all composed of one fundamental something, and that the frequencies or rhythms of this something determine the specific nature of each object or atom

The universal vibratory energies were called by the ancient Egyptians the Word or Words of their gods; to Pythagoreans of Greece they were the Music of the Spheres; and to the ancient Chineseknew them to be celestial energies of perfect harmony. The Cosmic Tones, as differentiations of the OM, were the most powerful force in the universe, according to the ancient, for these tones were the universe - the very source of creation itself.

And herein lay the vast significance of all audible, earthly sound, such as are produced by the performing of music and the uttering of speech .For audible sound was believed to be a ‘reflection’ , within the world of matter, of the Cosmic Tones. Audible sound itself, which is taken so much for granted today, was in those days thought to contain within itself something of the enormous Creative, Preservative and Destructive force of the Cosmic Tones themselves. The very phenomenon of sound was regarded with great reverence. He who knew how to could release sacred energies through the use of audible sound, and thereby wield a mighty power. And, in fact, specific knowledge was not necessarily required, for something of the mighty energies of the Primal Vibration was believed to be released whenever and wherever audible sound was produced . According to the nature of the audible sound, so would it’s hidden effetcs be determined

David Tame - The Secret Power of Music

I very much recommend this book
I reposted this as a quote, instead of a photo so it was more readable. I’m also tagging it for the Pagan Study Group because the nature of (musical) vibrations is a very worthwhile addition, if not essential (as I see it) to any magickal/spiritual study. Plus, it’s just fascinating!

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